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California Water Action Plan

All Californians have a stake in our water future. These actions set us on a path toward reliability, restoration, and resilience in California water.

The California Water Action Plan – issued at the direction of Governor Brown in January 2014 and updated in 2016 – set forth 10 priority actions that guide the state’s effort to create more resilient, reliable water systems and to restore critical ecosystems. In the nearly five years since the plan’s release, state agencies and their local, federal and tribal partners have made steady advances on all 10 priority actions.

NEW – Read the Water Action Plan Summary of Accomplishments 2014-2018 here.

Older documents:

Read the 2016 Water Action Plan Update here.
Read the January 2014 California Water Action Plan here.
Read the 2015 implementation report here.
Read the 2014 implementation report here.

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Local and Regional Water Projects
Restoring and Protecting Our Natural World
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