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California Cultural and Historical Endowment

The California Cultural and Historical Endowment (CCHE) is a state entity tasked with preserving and protecting California’s cultural resources. These include the tangible aspects of California’s history – the artifacts, collections, archives, historic structures and properties that cultivate understanding of our collective past, and preserve the many treasures that are California’s cultural legacy. (More about CCHE)

NEW! Snoopy License Plate to fund California Museums
This specialized license plate to support California museums features the image of a dancing Snoopy, generously licensed by Jean Schulz and Peanuts Worldwide through the assistance of the California Association of Museums. Purchase your plate today at

Bonds and Grants Logo
NEW! Museum Grant Program
A competitive grant program to support small capital projects in museums, authorized by AB 482 in 2013. Initially funded with Proposition 40 bond funds, it will subsequently be funded with revenues from the new Snoopy license plate. Sign-up for the Museum Grant Program ListServ. Click here.

Preserving California’s Treasures
Preserving California’s Treasures, Second Edition
CCHE and the Center for California Studies at California State University, Sacramento collaborated on Preserving California Treasures, a publication showcasing the capital projects and planning grants funded by CCHE. These sparkling jewels belong to all Californians collectively and convey important lessons about opportunity, hardship, innovation, injustice, perseverance, and redemption.

CA Cultural Survey and Summit
The 2012 report to the Governor and the Legislature surveys the state of cultural and historical preservation, accessibility, and interpretation in California. The Cultural Summit here was held in October as the culminating event.

Landmarks of California
Landmarks California: Places of our Diverse Histories and Cultures
A program to strengthen and deepen Californians understanding of their history, present society and themselves. Over 20 statewide organizations participated in the 2012 festival honoring the life and work of Julia Morgan, paving the way for her selection as the AIA’s Gold Medal Winner in 2014.