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State Policies and Programs

While Safeguarding California identifies climate vulnerabilities and state government’s ongoing actions and next steps to address them, there are many other initiatives that complement the planning and policy work in the state’s climate adaptation strategies.

  • The Climate-Safe Infrastructure Working Group, convened by the Natural Resources Agency per AB 2800 (Quirk), unites experts from multiple scientific and state infrastructure disciplines to bolster the inclusion of climate impacts in state design processes.
  • Executive Order B-30-15 directed State agencies to integrate climate change into all planning and investment, including accounting for current and future climate conditions in infrastructure investment. The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research was directed to convene a Technical Advisory Group to develop guidance to support implementation of the Executive Order. The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) included members from nearly every State agency, local and regional governments, non-governmental and community-based organizations, and the private sector. The TAG met from April 2016 through January 2017 and produced a guidance document called “Planning and Investing for a Resilient California: A Guidebook for State Agencies.” This document provides high level guidance on what future conditions to plan for and how State agencies should approach planning differently in light of a changing climate.
  • The Climate Action Team convened by the California Environmental Protection Agency works to coordinate statewide climate policy.  The Safeguarding California Climate Action Team, a working group of the Climate Action Team made up of representatives of state agencies that help coordinate adaptation policy, interfaces with other groups like the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research’s Technical Advisory Council.
  • is the landing page for the California’s climate policy. Mitigation and adaptation are complementary and integrated pieces of California’s approach to climate change.