A Day in the Life of a California Coastal Conservancy Project Manager — Meet Emely!

“I love that we provide Californians access the coast because it is a healing place everyone should experience.”

Photo of Emely Lopez
After graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Emely Lopez was on the search for the next chapter of her life. After a conversation with a previous professor who used to work at the State Coastal Conservancy, Emely decided to apply for an internship through the Conservancy. Throughout her internship, Emely grew a fondness for the work and mission of the Conservancy. As she puts, “I loved the work the Conservancy was doing not only with coastal restoration and access, but also because the Conservancy was embarking on an environmental equity and justice journey.” As soon as there was a full-time position available, Emely jumped towards the opportunity. She now proudly serves as a project manager for the Conservancy’s Southern California region.

Photo of Emely Lopez on BeachIn her role, Emely is responsible for working with the Conservancy’s partners to help them navigate state grant programs. She enjoys learning about the various projects partner organizations proposed for funding. Many of these projects focus on combatting the effects of climate change to both people and the environment. Examples of these projects include creating living shorelines, furthering wetland restoration, expanding urban greening, building wildlife crossings, supporting community engagement, and providing access to the coast. Emely feels like her impact in supporting these projects, especially when evaluating them through an equity and environmental justice lens, is both important and fulfilling. She also serves on the Explore the Coast Advisory Committee where she engages with California residents to provide advice on grant programs. Emely is most looking forward to seeing the Conservancy’s progress in the environmental equity and justice space and in engaging with more partners to help address the needs of low-income Californians. Lastly, she is looking forward to greater in-person public engagement, post COVID-19 pandemic.

When asked why she enjoys working with #TeamResources, Emely says, “I love that we provide Californians access the coast because it is a healing place everyone should experience.” The rest of the team can’t wait to see how Emely will continue to positively impact the lives of those on the coast.

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