A Day in the Life of a Wildlife Conservation Board Environmental Scientist — Meet Cara!

“I enjoy developing projects with our partners and presenting those projects to the board of WCB for funding approval.”

Photo of Cara Allen

Next up in our Day in the Life series, we have Cara Allen, Senior Environmental Scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Board. After almost six years between the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) working as an environmental scientist, Cara felt ready for the next step in her career. When the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) opened Cara’s current position, she knew she had to apply. The work the Wildlife Conservation Board reminded Cara of the conservation work she did with CDFW’s Natural Community Conservation Planning (NCCP) program.

Photo of group meetingIn her current role, Cara helps the WCB’s partners develop meaningful habitat restoration projects that benefit natural processes, wildlife, and people. Through WCB’s grant programs and with Cara’s expertise, partners are able to construct these meaningful projects. Cara also manages over twenty-five active grants at a time that necessitate regular check-ins with grantees. When Cara is not helping partners develop a project or facilitating grant project check-ins, she manages two grant programs at WCB that are unique in their own processes and focus. “I enjoy developing projects with our partners and presenting those projects to the board of WCB for funding approval,” Cara says.

Over the next few months, Cara sees her role as being instrumental in expanding the WCB riparian program’s investment portfolio in southern California by prioritizing proposals in that region and growing the partnerships of the Lower American River Conservancy Program by hosting online public workshops, onsite or virtual tours of the Parkway, and following the public’s engagement on the development of the Natural Resources Management Plan. We are so thankful of the great work Cara is about to conduct!

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