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Agenda (PDF)

5.0 Audit

6.1 Mexican Museum – Funding

6.2 Northern California Indian Development Council, Inc. – Extension

7.0 Capital Unity Council – Removal of funding

8.0 Catalina Island Conservancy – Material change

9.1 Isleton Brannan Andrus Historical Society – Funding

9.2 BRIDGE Economic Development Corp. – Funding

9.3 Vallejo Community Arts Foundation – Funding

9.4 City of Santa Cruz Redevelopment Agency – Funding

9.5 Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation – Funding

9.6 Rural Media Arts & Education Project – Funding

9.7 Northern California Indian Development Council, Inc. – Funding

9.8 San Francisco Museum & Historical Society

10.0 Comprehensive Survey

11.0 Transition Work Group

12.0 Funding Pilot Publication of the Landmarks California Program

CCHE Meeting Minutes (PDF)