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Salton Sea Management Program Public Outreach Meeting


Objective: Move the committee forward through proper planning, goals, and allocation of work necessary to achieve said goals.
Date: 07/13/2016 Location: 73720 Fred Waring Dr. Suite 100, Palm Desert, CA 92260,

Use main entrance, follow signs in the courtyard (Google Maps)

Time: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM Meeting Type: Informative/ Decision Making/ Prioritizing/ Task Assigning
Call-In Number: Call-In Code:
Called By: Phil Rosentrater Facilitator: Phil Rosentrater
Timekeeper: Phillip Johnson Note Taker: Phillip Johnson
Attendees: Outreach Committee Members
Preparation for Meeting
– Look through agenda items (past, present, new) and prepare thoughts on the matters                               
Items from Previous meeting Responsible Due Date
1 Public comment summaries/discussion on previous workshops Committee Before July Meeting
2 Ideas on a Video Presentation Committee
3 Ideas on Talking Points, Mission, Goals, Objectives Committee
Agenda Items Presenter Time Alloted
1 Workshop Schedule- Review/Advise Committee 15 minutes
2 Outreach Plan- Review/Advise Committee 15 minutes
3 Outreach Collateral (SSMP summary, Projects, Map, acronyms) and outreach packets- Review/Advise Committee 15 minutes
New Items Responsible Due Date
1 Clarify committees purpose as established on formation by the Natural Resources Agency and the current mission statement Committee 5 minutes
2 Any other topics that warrant discussion Committee 5 minutes
Other Notes Or Information