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Salton Sea Management Program

Funding Advisory Workgroup Meeting Agenda

Date: March 3, 2016

Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Location: SSA Office, County Law Building, 82995 Hwy 111, Suite 200, Indio


Funding Workgroup Lead – Phil Rosentrater – Salton Sea Authority
Alternate Workgroup Lead – Michael Cohen – Pacific Institute
Funding Advisory Workgroup Members:

Supervisor John Benoit – Riverside County
Ralph Cordova – Imperial County
Antonio Ortega – Imperial Irrigation District
Kim Delfino – Defenders of Wildlife
Dan Denham – SDCWA
Andy Vossler – SSAC
Patrick O’Dowd – CVWD
Barry Wallerstein – SCAQMD

Introductions and Instructions/Expectations

This Advisory Workgroup will participate in the development of future funding mechanisms for the Salton Sea Management Program. It will work closely with the Salton Sea Authority and its member agencies in the development of its financial feasibility program currently underway and with the project committee in the development of the proposed management plan. It will also work closely with federal, state and local agencies and the Salton Sea Task Force to identify potential funding sources.

Public Comments: Any member of the public may address the Committee relating to any matter within the Committee’s purview. This time is reserved for matters not already on the Agenda. Remarks shall be limited to a maximum of two (2) minutes per person.

Discussion Topics

Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives
a. CNRA Salton Sea Management Program
b. Funding Sources: Immediate, Interim, Long term
c. Communication, Coordination
d. Committee member initiatives/assignments


Next Meeting Date/Time/Location: