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Salton Sea Management Program Outreach Committee Meeting

Date: March 16, 2016
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm
Colorado River Basin Regional Water Quality Control Board (Conference Room)
73720 Fred Waring Drive, Suite 100, Palm Desert, CA

Meeting Minutes

A. Attendance

a. Committee Members

1 In person: Rebecca Terrazas-Baxter (Imperial County), Jack Porelli (CVWD), Darren Simon (SDCWA), Antonio Ortega (IID), Patsy Meister (SDIA), Val Simon (USBR), Maria Davydova (CRBRWQCB), Kelly Claar (SSSRA)
2 Alternatives: Victoria Lowerson-Bredow for Katie Pine (UCI); Marina Barragan for Sarah Friedman (Sierra Club)
3 On the phone: Drew Story and Holly Mayton (UCR),Sarah Friedman (Sierra Club), Kay Pricola (COLAB Imperial County)

b. New Committee Members (as of 03/16/16): Humberto Lugo (Comite Civico del Valle)
c. Absent: Phil Rosentrater (Salton Sea Authority), Karen Riesz (CDFW), Tom Anderson (USDFW), Kerry Morrison (Save Our Sea-EcoMedia Compass)
d. Public: Lilian Garcia (public), Emmanuel Martinez (Asm. Garcia’s office)

B. Meeting Roles

a. Chair: Val Simon
b. Flip Chart / Scribe: Victoria Lowerson-Bredow
c. Note Taker: Maria Davydova

C. Meeting Minutes 02/29/16

a. Name spelling correction: Francoise Rhodes (Riverside County) for PSA support

D. Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, Metrics, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)


1 Current Priority: Help plan Salton Sea Public (Community) Workshops
2 Develop consistent messaging for stakeholders regarding Salton Sea management actions
3 Bruce Wilcox to present shovel-ready projects per Asm Garcia bill by March 31, 2016, follow-up with SWRCB by Apr 19, 2016. Shovel-ready projects are already permitted, have environmental documents and engineering design done, ready to start the construction; for the purposes of March 31 deadline, some permitting may not be completed.

E. CNRA Salton Sea Management Program Public (Community) Workshops


1 Locations

• Proposed locations (from 02/29/16 SSOC meeting): North Shore Yacht Club, Calipatria, Brawley, Salton City, El Centro, Palm Desert, Mecca, Desert Shores, Torres Martinez, Desert Cahuilla Indian Tribe (TMDCI), Bombay Beach, Riverside, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, SSRA, Calexico, Westmoreland, Borrego Springs, Webinar
• Additional Proposed Locations: San Diego

2 Bilingual meetings

• If resources are limited, hold one bilingual meeting in Eastern Coachella Valley for Riverside County, one Bilingual Meeting in Calexico for Imperial County (MD)
• All meetings should be bilingual, or as many as possible, including Needles and Calipatria (potential additional workshop locations)
• Meeting handouts also should be translated into Spanish

3 Timing:

• All meetings after 5pm, unless stakeholders for the locations are public agencies only
• One of the meetings could be held during the day if locations are close together
• Saturday meetings may also be helpful

4 Snacks

• Would help welcome people to come. We can each reach out to our own contacts for donations, elected offices may support

5 Dates – First Meeting

• May want to start before April 19 Salton Sea hearing at SWRCB. April 11 Imperial County is planning a meeting in Brawley at 6:00 pm; will discuss whether it could be consolidated into the SSMP public workshops. (Post Meeting Note: Imperial County concurred with holding SSMP Public meeting at same venue after joint Board meeting with IID, which will be held at the Palmer Auditorium in Brawley – open house with snacks and beverages at 5:30pm along with informational tables, joint Board meeting commence at 6:00pm, followed by SSMP public meeting.)

6 Public Commenting

• Comment cards to be collected on location; public wants to know how to help. Public has to have a chance for questions, we want input on what is being proposed. Acknowledge that frustrations may also be voiced – important to listen to public.

7 Pre-meeting 5:30 outreach / meet and greet

• Set up tables for preparation, information, translation, etc. Opportunity to present Salton Sea Poster Boards from different agencies. Need a Greeter, easels, tables.

8 Meeting content

• Agenda should explain the objective, expectations

9 Hand-outs

• Need to explain how SSMP decisions are being made, agencies included and their activities. Hand-outs should be in English and Spanish, one page, available online and paper copy.


1 Professional translation services needed, not volunteer interpreters
2 English / Spanish interpretation for all meeting locations or as many as possible
3 State Agencies (CNRA/CalEPA) should be responsible for providing translation services (Imperial County volunteered to pay for translator and food/beverages for the Apr 11 mtg.)
4 Evening meetings held at 6:00 pm, or 5:30 pm if including meet-and-greet
5 Meeting Duration: 1 hour (tentative)
6 Meetings will Start before April 19 – first on 11 April, second tentatively on 14 April in Mecca at the Boys and Girls Club – Sierra Club to lock on.
7 Poster Boards and informational tables could be used

F. Review/Comments on Chronology and other outreach material

a. no update

G. Review of webpage, links, administration

a. no update

H. Review of OC members initiatives/assignments

a. no update

I. Miscellaneous:

J. Next SSOC Meeting


1 Agenda Items

• Other meeting dates after April 19
• Have meetings posted on the website the week of 21 Mar 16

2 Date

• Tentative Dates: March 28, April 1, 4 (Note: April 4 was decided upon)
• Time: 10:00am -12:00 noon
• Location: Mecca TBD (Note: Location changed to Salton Sea RV Park)

3 Next Meeting Minutes Volunteer: Patsy Meister

• Val Simon will email SSOC a draft SWOT and draft Salton Sea talking points (In process: SSA intern working on SWOT, Val working on TPs)
• Val Simon will check with Bruce about availability of translation services from CNRA (Done: can do but may take time through contracting services)
• Maria to check with SWRCB about translation services (Done: can do)
• Rebecca to check with Imperial County if the proposed meeting can be integrated into the SSMP effort as the first Workshop, due by Friday (March 18) (Done: See above)
• Marina will reserve Boys & Girls club for Apr 13 , check 5:30 networking and snacks possibility (by March 18) (Done, Club locked on for Apr 13 at 5:45pm))
• Val will check with Bruce if for Mecca March 14 or March 13 is better (Done: Apr 13 ok)
• Drew will send out doodle poll for next SSOC meeting (Done: Apr 4 selected)
• Val Simon will send new SSOC member contacts to Drew (Done)
• Emmanuel Martinez will work on hand-outs, Marina to help (In process?)

Meeting concluded at 12:00 noon